After studying photography for three years, I realised one thing. I am not a photographer. Instead, I chose to follow my other, far stronger, passion. I enrolled in the Ethology Academy of Pretoria, where I completed an Advanced Diploma in Equine Behaviour. My lifetime with horses had included experiences with more than a few somewhat unusual characteristics and behaviours and the workings of the horse's mind fascinated me.


My approach to treating horses with undesirable or dangerous behaviours is to work with closely with the people involved with the horse. My primary goal is always one of education; I explain the behaviours and the solutions to the owner before demonstrating how to re-educate the horse. I believe in maintaining a working partnership between the horse and his owner and always encourage that the owner works directly with the horse.


I love the challenge offered by a difficult horse and enjoy solving the puzzle behind the behaviour. If most people dislike or mistrust your horse, I thoroughly look forward to meeting him!